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集成学习工作 (WIL) allows business, 行业, government and 社区 organisations access to Murdoch University's fresh, innovative minds so they can help your organisation grow while you develop our future workforce.


WIL provides the opportunity for students to learn to integrate theory with practice and has proved to be a valuable and enlightening experience for both our students and employer partners.

我们邀请业务, 行业, 社区 and government organisations to partner with us to develop opportunities for our students to experience real projects and workplaces, develop professional competencies and improve their work readiness.

Benefits to your organisation

By partnering with us on WIL, benefits to your organisation may include:

  • access to additional resources to assist in short-term projects
  • introducing new perspectives and fresh ideas to your workplace
  • evaluating students as potential future employees and exposing them to your work practices and core values
  • providing professional development opportunities for your existing staff to gain experience in a leadership role by supervising a student during a work placement.